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The Skript Kitchen (True NOSH Previously)

Make Authentic Thai Curries & Tom Yum Soup From Scratch!

Make Authentic Thai Curries & Tom Yum Soup From Scratch!

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Healthy Thai Curries and Tom Yum Soup? No way! -----YES WAY!

Well here's your chance to learn how to make it at your own home while picking up some basic Chinese words and phrases!

We are going to share our special recipe with you so you can WOW your friends!

The class will teach you everything about making this delectable spread of the crispy pork with side vegetables and also how health up your steamed rice.

Chinese - both Mandarin and Cantonese as well as written and Pinyin (for texting!)


* Yellow Curry

* Green Curry

* Red Curry

* Healthy Multigrain rice

* Spicy Tom Yum Soup


What is included: All the ingredients and water will be served.

Who should sign up?

- People who love Asian food!

- People who care about food and want to learn some Chinese!

- People who are conscious about their health and wellness

- People who love to COOK and EAT!

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