Our Mission & Team

The True NOSH Company Ltd. was created in 2015 by Renée Chan, a Registered Dietitian, after losing her father to diabetes. She made it her mission to change perceptions around how food can still taste good without added sugars or gluten.

Our products, both food and beverages, are plant-based and made with no added sugars, gluten, or preservatives. All ingredients are wholesome and sourced from local vendors—and items are made locally, at a commercial kitchen in Vancouver.



We are here to help prevent and control diseases, such as diabetes, in our community—without compromising the taste of food.

We provide uniquely gourmet products to the ready-to-eat food and beverage industry, from using whole fruits and vegetables to ensuring no added sugars, syrups, or artificial sweeteners are present. We have been teaching healthy cooking classes as well!

We're here, because you're "Too Sweet For Sugar! ®" — 
Renée & the True NOSH Team
  The True NOSH Strong & Free! 


Renée Chan | Founder & Owner

Renée is a Registered Dietitian certified both in Canada and the United States. She comes from a family with complications of diabetes, heart disease, thyroid issues, and Alzheimer’s disease. She is driven to help individuals living with these and similar experiences.

After receiving a Bachelor’s of Science from the University of California, San Diego, Renée went on to pursue a Master’s of Science in Clinical Nutrition at New York University. It was while studying there that she first immersed herself in the restaurant industry as a waitress. She then worked as a Registered Dietitian in New York before going abroad to France to work at organic farms in transition to a residency in Hong Kong. Afterwards, she earned an MBA from Camden University. She has now rooted herself in Vancouver with The True Nosh Co. with hopes to stay for good.


Renée focuses on the prevention of diseases, as well as the reversal of illnesses—especially with diabetes. She brings knowledge and experiences from Southeast Asia, France, Italy, New Zealand, New York, and California. Renée moved on from her job as a Clinical Dietitian in the concrete jungle and was engulfed in working with food: She worked in many restaurants, including those in New York City as a line cook, and spent months WWOOF-ing in the south of France. She had also been in Hong Kong to find her roots in Chinese cooking. 

Renée considers herself a Culinary Dietitian, and, with a hunger for knowledge and visions of a better and healthier world, she works to introduce True NOSH's food and beverage products to communities such that diabetes and heart disease will no longer be threats to us or our loved ones.

Vanessa Yeung | Product Retail & Sales Coordinator

Vanessa is a Dietetics student at the University of British Columbia. She is the face at our markets and trade shows and loves telling you about our products. Stop by one of our farmers' markets or craft fairs and say hi to her while sampling our delectable sauces and beverages.

Jacey Gowler | Product Development Coordinator

Jacey is studying Dietetics at the University of British Columbia and she is passionate about the power of healing we can experience just through the food we eat. Through her own life experiences in the connection between diet and disease, she is compelled to help others to promote and cultivate a positive relationship with food. Jacey mostly organizes the production side of the business behind the scenes to help bring you the True NOSH products you know and love, and also thoroughly enjoys getting out to markets and interacting with our communities!


Clare Douglas | Farmer's Market & Product Coordinator 

Clare is studying Food, Nutrition & Health at the University of British Columbia. Through witnessing and experiencing firsthand the impacts food can have on disease prevention, she is determined to gain experience and knowledge that she can apply to creating sustainable behavioural lifestyle interventions.  



Our True NOSH Assistants are university students passionate about nutrition.

These amazing individuals are avid photographers and forward-thinkers who enjoy researching the latest food & nutrition news. Check out the blog on the site!