The Hero of the Week is Black Garlic

Have you ever heard about the amazing antioxidant properties of black garlic? Yes, that’s right – black garlic contains more antioxidants than white garlic (1, 2). Black garlic is a fermented form of white garlic. It is sweeter, and it has a milder flavour than white garlic. This magic plant is particularly rich in flavonoids, compounds that protect your cells from negative effects of free radicals and keep your heart healthy (3). But wait, there's more - by eating black garlic you are potentially reducing the risk of cancer (4)!

Not sure what to eat with your black garlic? We’ve got you covered! Try our “Im-PULSE-able Black Bean” Sauce, “Oy! Stir the Sauce” Vegan Oyster-Style Sauce, and “The Sinless Hoi” Hoisin Sauce. You can find in our online store!

We use black garlic in these products to add sweetness without adding extra dried fruits to our already sugarless line. Enjoy them with your favourite dish while those powerful antioxidants are doing all the work!

By: Vlada Klymenko
Edited by: Iris Lopez Ramirez

Final Edits by: Renée Chan, MS, MBA, RD, RDN, CDN


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About the author:

Vlada studies Food, Nutrition, and Health at UBC and experiment with raw vegan desserts. At my spare time, I feast on home-made apple chips sandwiches with our blueberry compote. It’s addictive. You’ve been warned!

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